The Rules

The Rules of the Fukuoka Canada Society

Article 1
The Society is called Fukuoka Canada Society.
Article 2
The Society shall have a secretariat in Fukuoka.
Article 3
Objective of the Society is to deepen mutual understanding and friendly relationship between Japan and Canada through providing various exchange programs such as economy and culture.
Article 4
In order to achieve the objective, the Society shall conduct the following programs:
(1)Parties, Lectures and other Gatherings
(2)Offering information of Surveys and Studies
(3)Others necessary for fulfilling the objective
Article 5
Members of the Society consists of Corporate and Individual Members
Article 6
To become a member, the directors shall approve upon receipt of application with recommendation of more than two members.
Article 7
Members will lose the qualification of the membership under the following circumstances:
(1)When they withdraw from the Society
(2)When they die, or their organization no longer exists
(3)When they fail to pay membership fee for more than two years
(4)When they disgrace or discredit the Society, or disrupt the order of the Society
Membership Fee shall not be refunded
Article 8
Annual membership fees are as follows:
Corporate Member : \30,000/year
Individual Member : \3,000/year
Student Member : \1,000/year
Individual Canadian Member : \1,000/year
Article 9
The Society will establish the following posts.
Chairman 1
Vice chairman 4 or less
Director within 30
Auditors 2 or less
Secretary-General 1
Article 10
Directors and Auditors will be appointed at the General Meeting
Chairperson and Vice Chairperson will be assigned within the Board Members
Chairperson will appoint Secretary-General
Term of Officers will be two years. But they will be eligible for reelection.
Article 11
Chairperson represents and supervises the Society and Vice Chairperson will carry out the duties in case of emergency
Article 12
Directors comprise the Board and deliberate important issues of the Society
Article 13
Auditors audit the account and activities of the Society
Article 14
Secretary-General follows the instruction of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Directors and conducts necessary duties.
Secretary-General can appoint secretariat staff with chairperson’s approval
Article 15
The Society may appoint Honorary Chairperson, Honorary Vice Chairperson and Honorary Advisors.
Honorary Chairperson, Honorary Vice Chairperson and Honorary Advisors are delegated from the Chairman upon approval of the Directors Board.
Article 16
The Chairman convenes the General Meeting at least once a year. The following matters will be resolved:
(1)Activities plan
(2)Approval of budget and account
(3)Election of officers
(4)Other important matters
Chairperson presides the General Meetings.
Article 17
Chairperson convenes the Board Meeting whenever necessary.
Board deliberates the important matters of the General Meeting, activities of the Society, and qualification of the membership.
Chairperson presides the Board Meetings
Article 18
Resolutions of the General Meetings and/or Board Meetings will be decided by majority of the attendants. Chairperson will make final decision when the votes are equally divided. Votes may also be exercised by letters of proxy.
Article 19
The Society’s budget consists of membership fees, donated money, grant, and other revenue resulting from activities.
Article 20
Financial year of the Society will start on April 1 every year and end on March 31of the following year.
Article 21
Change of Rules of the Society will become possible upon 2/3 approval of the General Meeting
Article 22
Despite the Article 20, the financial year of the established year starts from the first day of the month of establishment.
Article 23
Despite the Article 10, the term of officers of the established year ends at March 31, 2001.